What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Basically it’s how bloggers make money.

If you check out my post, under My Tools, about Swagbucks and the Sharkk Mouse, they contain links or referrals that help me earn extra income.

I have added a donation from PayPal at the bottom to also help fund the site.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well because of transparency. Bloggers post that their blog may contain affiliate links. As a blogger myself, I suggest supporting those with affiliate links to help keep their site and content running. It’s very similar to a rewards program where a commission is earned by referral or buying a product someone recommended. I like the idea of transparency, which why I post my net worth reports. Help goes a long way to keeping up great content. Please help those who produce great content. Amazon offers an affiliate program, where anything you buy from an affiliate earns them money. The best part? Amazon DOESN’T ADD A SURCHARGE OR ANY EXTRA COST TO THE BUYER. So you can help a friend or part of the blogging community with no extra cost to you from the stuff you buy on Amazon already.


Please support affiliate marketing and keep those bloggers producing great content.