Start Here

I have mentioned a bit of why I started the company on the About Us page, but a huge question in the financial community is “Where do I get started?” Well I started this company to help anyone interested in taking control of their finances and, as a whole, their lives.

Why do I focus on personal finance? When I started getting focused on my personal finances, I felt a stronger control over my life and how I reacted to unexpected problems. I’ve learned a lot in such a short amount of time. I want to share that information with others, because I enjoy teaching what I learn, in a non-traditional setting.

My emphasis in this company is to help others, using as little math and jargon as possible. I want to make personal finance and living a fulfilled life, as simple as possible. Simple, however, does not translate to easy. Getting control of personal finances requires critical thinking and a change in mindset. I hope to inspire others to change these things, to get on the path to financial independence.

So where do I suggest you get started? If you are serious about getting control of your personal finances, budgeting is where I started. You can read about budgeting here. Also, financial independence will require you to start LEARNING. Those who are financially independent are learners. You must be willing to continue your education throughout your life. This is a MUST. I have tried to create simple articles to lead you in a direction to start learning. If you ever have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at