About Us

Our Vision Statement: To Transform the Lives of Others Through Simplistic Changes In Finance, Fulfilment, and Mindset.

I started Little Brother Life Coach in September of 2016. My reasons for starting this business were to help others take control of their lives, while taking control of my own. I’ve always been passionate about helping others and educating, but I don’t belong in a traditional classroom.

The Little Brother comes from me being the youngest of my siblings, while also being the younger person in certain aspects of my life.

  • Being known for being my older brother’s “little brother”
  • Being a peer tutor in high school
  • Being a grading assistant in undergrad
  • Helping others in basic web skills in undergrad
  • Being the youngest staff leader in adult leader training for Boy Scouts at 19
  • Being a financial mentor and life coach to my father, as well as it being reciprocated
  • Being one of the youngest members of my MBA program (even at 27)
  • Being one of the youngest people at my current full-time job (as of 2016)

The “Little Brother” aspect has become natural to me. I often seek counsel from others more experienced than me, whether younger or older.

My goal is to help others take control of their lives, and gain inspiration and fulfilment, in very simple ways. One of the most asked questions in the financial and entrepreneurship communities is “Where do I start with  ____ ” or “How do I start  ___ ?” I want to help guide others to the answers to these questions and more. I have built a system of resources and simplified them to help as many people as possible. How can I help YOU today? Click here to see the services I offer.