January 2018 New Year, Older Me

So I’m posting my net worth on my birthday. Crazy! So let’s dive into the details of my money. This is actually before pay day too, so my net worth tomorrow morning will be more! Sweet.

So my net worth increased by about $1k. I wanted a closer 50/50 split of debts to assets payment, but my retirement funds are growing faster than I can pay off debt. Woot woot. Also, I paid zero on the “Mom and Dad Car Loan.” Why? Not only is it zero interest, but my parents prefer to defer payments to a later date. What? So I’m storing more debt payments into my emergency fund/savings account. So my debt payments to a 0% interest loan is actually making 1.35%. If that isn’t optimizing FIRE community, I don’t know what is.

Here’s a chart of my net worth since I started tracking. I’m not even close to a millionaire like some people, but hey that’s a nice increase in just over a year.


A huge goal, if the market cooperates, would to be at a $0 or positive net worth by Jan 2019. If I can emulate this month for 26 more months I could be net $0 by April 2020. That’s a little farther away than I’d like, and I think I can increase a bit quicker than that if I can get one or two loans paid off by the end of 2018. My guess is I hit $0 somewhere around July of 2019. I also get to see how my new increase in pay (and 401k contributions) hits tomorrow. We shall see. Until then see you February for my next update.

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  1. Tread Lightly, Retire Early

    So close to worthless! 😉

    And that graph is seriously satisfying to look at. Awesome job.


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