November 2017 Net Worth

Below is my net worth from November 2017:

On first glance it looks like a good month. Unfortunately on the Kemba Car Loan that I cosigned for, the vehicle was returned and I am being hounded to pay the balance of $3860. Not good. Although when I am done with that I debt I will be well under -30k net worth. The snowball will start rolling once I can get that debt gone. I have updated the net worth chart (that I believe I didn’t post last month(s). I started tracking my net worth around January of 2017. Between my cosigner paying for the car, the final balance, and my debt payments, my net worth has increased about $10k in a year. Not bad, but I’m hoping to increase it about that much next year on my own. My 401k is almost to the point where it is making more per month that debt I am paying off. Almost to the “tipping point.” I also have upped my contribution to 6% while the overtime is rolling in, and stopped contributing to the IRA (since I have an even 10 shares of ITOT).

The interest rates for all my debts are between 3% and 5.5%.  Any other questions feel free to ask. Below is the updated chart.


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  1. Tread Lightly, Retire Early

    Awesome job. It will feel so good to have that dang car loan paid off!!


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