Sept & October 2017 Net Worth Report


I’m combining September and October because I did not upload September’s Net Worth earlier.

I added an extra $100 to the Chase student loan because I want to open cash flow and because I am now responsible for the Kemba car loan. Due to an unforeseen circumstance, the car was surrendered to the credit union due to non payment. I’m still working through the details and an attack plan, but am not taking any action until I know a final balance due.













Below is October’s net worth, after an increase in the debt for Kemba car loan  due to non payment. I only paid off $14 net in debt and am highly disappointed. However, I hit two investing milestones for me. I have increased my IRA to 10 shares of ITOT (total stock market ETF). I also added (and paid off) an extra $300 to help my stepdaughter replace her phone (I downgraded my phone and am giving her my older “upgrade” phone). I also have felt like I’ve been getting nowhere due to the Kemba increase ($469) while working over 50 hours a week last month. It’s very frustrating, but I want to think Whitney Hansen ( so I want to encourage others to listen to her podcast as a thanks.

For those asking here are the interest rates on my debts.

Dodge Car Loan: 4.41%

Kemba Car Loan: 3.99%

Chase Student Loan: 4.5% 9 (variable)

Great Lakes Student Loan: 5.16% (fixed)














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  1. Whitney Hansen

    Awww, dang it. I’m sorry to hear about the hardships you’re going through. Keep your head up. You’ve made incredible progress so far!!

    1. Little Brother Life Coach (Post author)

      So stoked though. I got THE Whitney Hansen to comment on my blog. Steamrolling. Thanks for all your help and time Whitney. I wouldn’t have made the progress I have without you and the group. 🙂

  2. Angela

    That car loan has to be SO frustrating. But in the scheme of things, at least it’s a (relatively) small amount to learn the important lessons of never-co-sign-a-loan 🙂 Silver lining?

    1. Little Brother Life Coach (Post author)

      It’s frustrating that they returned the car at 4 out of the 6 years to pay it off. I can’t afford the car payment, but I’m thinking about either refinancing into a personal loan and paying off both cars, or something along those lines. It really depends on the monthly payment, but I still have a chance to get that promotion I’m working on, as my interview tomorrow (as of this comment :))


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