July 2017 Net Worth

I had some minor computer trouble and had replace my computer in June, so the Jun net worth report was a bit skewed. I also did spend a chunk of my assets from my Ally savings on the AirBnB reservation for our August trip and the for the computer. I am also in the process of switching to one checking account (Simple) so I can track my check a lot easier that way. I did pay of some larger chunks of debt, however my net worth went more negative due to the large spending amounts from the computer and reservation.

I believe I have the tools I need (for free) to continue my net worth reports using Google Sheets instead of Excel since I don’t have Office access anymore. I don’t really have much to mention even though the “last month’s” numbers are from May 2017 and for June I used an estimated net worth via Personal Capital. I did switch from my Chase Credit card to Fidelity (left it open, just put the card away and not for use). I also wanted to boost up the IRA, but am going to back off and hit the debt a bit harder. I got my goal for ETF (exchange traded fund shares) and I’m getting very agitated with the Chase Student loan. I ended up in June putting over $500 on it and will try again to do that in August/September if overtime keeps flowing and we strap down on our vacation.

I do enjoy how well the 401(k) is taking off. It’s almost able to set aside more money a month than I can. It two months it can almost make a rent payment or a single car payment (equivalent, I refuse to pull money out of retirement accounts).

Here’s how the chart looks as I’m reaching closer to a 0 net worth:


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  1. Angela

    Any time we have a more expensive than typical month, I remind myself that good financial habits means that it’s just frustrating and not a complete disaster. Like the $1000 I just spent on my car for breaks/tires/oil change/etc. It’s feels good to know that we can weather extra expenses instead of driving on old breaks or parking the car until it can be fixed (we have friends who were just in this situation). Silver lining 🙂

    1. Little Brother Life Coach (Post author)

      It definitely feels good knowing that $1,000 can help during a difficult situation. Definite silver lining. I would say it’s help drop my anxiety by at least 10%

      Thanks for the feedback and viewership Angela, much appreciated. 🙂


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