Couponing and Savvy Grocery Shopping Notes

No catchy title, this is mainly a source for me to type some notes up.

Today I took a savvy grocery shopping and couponing class at my local library. The event was free and well worth my time and cost of gas to attend. I did learn a few things and decided to type my notes up into a format that others readers may enjoy as well.


Couponing is a lifestyle and mindset. The presenter shared that she was a single mom who paid off over $25,000 after being coupon savvy, cutting non essentials, and changing her mindset. She shared a wealth of information as follows.



-Download and register for digital apps and digital coupons

-Free item of the week, free download Friday

-Loyalty programs and fuel programs

-Meal plan around weekly advertisements

-Know which companies will double your coupons and for what amounts

-Digital coupons DO NOT DOUBLE

-Coupons are generally valid for 2-3 months, “time” your purchases to catch the sale price and combine with coupon

-Purchase gift cards for pre-planned purchases to maximize fuel points at preferred stores

-stock up on items when using coupons & sales to have a supply on hand, less frequent trips

-stick to budget, never shop when hungry

-Sunday coupons can be found on Wed/Thurs (link in resources)

-Manufacturer and store coupons can be combined for savings

-Coupons are not in the Sunday paper during holiday weekends

-Coupons can be bought early in the early Sunday edition of the paper



-binder, box file, or combination

-Planning is key

-Know weekly sales

-Know how to compare unit prices and optimal prices for products you use frequently

-Use a coupon database (in resources) to find coupons for ingredients for your meal plan

-Brand names are best when on sale & using a coupon


Resources: (link available through Swagbucks if you are Swagbucks user, receive SB’s for “clipping” and again when redeemed)

Red Plum (mail insert)

P & G Brand Saver

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  1. Jeff

    I find a lot of value in and

    Another way to add value is to use rebate apps in combination like Ibotta and Checkout51.


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