I Took Another (Literal) Step to Being A Millionaire

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Since this is a life coaching blog, I am adding more articles than just personal finance. Although most of my posts focus on personal finance because, in my opinion, once you start taking care of your money, your life will follow. You will feel more secure and less scared, more confident and more in control of situations you might not have before. With that said…

My weight went up lately. and I’ve been heavily stressed. I get frustrated easily. My skin problems, not to mention, have put me back in urgent care twice this month. On top of that, I fell off the back of my chair earlier as well and fractured my arm a few weeks ago. A myriad of health problems have hit in May. To the tune of over $500.

Yesterday (May 31), after back and forth shopping trips to find a comfortable pair of shoes, I finally found a pair that were comfortable. They took some getting used to today, but finally were comfortable. I ended up walking around on my break and realized I have one of those fancy smartphones with a fingerprint sensor and a health & fitness app. So I downloaded the app and let it count my steps, water intake, heartbeat, and all that stuff. The difference between walking for 15 minutes in my new comfortable (slightly more expensive than I wanted) shoes was like night and day. I felt so much better. My purchase not only felt validated, but I felt calm. I felt collected (I took a break after getting frustrated over something irrelevant).

I decided to push my limits. I usually drive to the grocery store across the street (not very Mustachian as my group members might say), but I had trouble walking half the distance in my last pair of shoes. I walked down and back with a bag full of groceries in a huge circle (construction), I was hot and sweaty, but I felt good. I had an intentional spending plan for the bag of groceries, and I chose voluntary hardship to cut down consuming and increase health. Even writing this after my walk, I still feel good and am ready to go for another walk. These memory foam shoes really make the difference.

But it’s not just the shoes. I know I have been overeating lately. P(my partner)  has clearly pointed it out to me. I’ve started trying to portion things into single serving sizes or setting limits on how much I eat. Instead of sitting down eating a bag of popcorn I eat a cup. I have a couple ounces of this or that for a snack. I just generally feel better. I’ve snuck in these little changes that could become habit. The same holds true with money. When you make small, almost unnoticeable changes (instead of all at once), a habit starts to form.

I’m oversimplifying of course, but this exactly how I started getting better control of my money. I’m saving larger amounts of money each month and throwing more towards debt. I’m staying out of my emergency fund and cash flowing to stay out of debt. As I make better choices for my health, I can be more intentional when trading my time for money. This in turn will help me get out of debt and work my ass off to gain financial independence. Many millionaires have a balance of health, wealth, and happiness. Next time YOU talk to a millionaire, go ahead and ask them if they think being a millionaire is just about money and not balance.

What steps are you working on to make it to millionaire status? Are you focused on health, wealth, happiness or all three? Which is most important? Comment below or come join my private Facebook group.


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