Why Retirement Is More Important To Me Now, Than The Present

My father retired during my junior year in college. My father had no plan after retirement. He was going to do his minimal 30 years, get his pension with survivor benefits and sit back playing video games all day.

So I convinced my father to cosign for a student loan for me to get an apartment to finish out my senior year. My senior year finished up and I still didn’t know what to do.

Fast forward to graduation day 2009, I had no clue what I was going to do after college. I had a degree in communication technology, but what could I do with it? Help desk maybe?

So I went back to live with my parents after my lease was up and continued to work part-time at whatever jobs I could stand. ….And then life happened. 4 grown adults living in a trailer that was older than me was not going to cut it. The trailer was literally falling apart at the seams. My parents needed a house and fast. So of course the grown kids wanted the biggest and most expensive house my parents could afford….

Fast forward again to early 2012, my brother had moved out of the new house my parents bought. I found a full-time job that was a bit wishy washy, and we had experienced times of furlough. I knew this wasn’t going to cut it and I needed a long term plan.

It all changed with a trip to a Christian resale store….where I met Dave Ramsey, or rather his book. “The Total Money Makeover, It will change your life!” I said to myself, “Ok here’s a dollar. Wow me. Change my life.” And I ate my words…..

I got on board and read the book. I thought ok, it sounds kind of tough. I’ll just pay off my debt as I’m going and go from there. I’ve got plenty of time. I’m a good saver. But again life happened….

While living with my parents I was able to save thousands. But my problem is I have a curse of wanting to help people, at the cost of hurting myself sometimes. I’ve loaned approximately $4000 of my own money (and actually recouped some of it, about $1500). Even worse I cosigned for a “friend” in 2012 and promised about $20,000 to the bank. This right after my genius self just signed for my own $13,000 dollar car.

I definitely fell off the Ramsey “train” that time. So I’m a giver at heart. I want to help if I can no matter the cost. So what does the mean for 2016?

Well 2016 was definitely the year of learning. I got married and divorced, lost a friend, lost a car, went to the ER, and hit every major financial folly and pitfall along the way. But I learned something, quite a lot, from all those events. I also learned about the other “money experts, bloggers, and financial community.”

I learned how to start a business, write a blog, sell myself, promote myself, set better goals, set bet dreams and desires, and take control my financial situation for good. I’ve also learned I need to research and plan better. I’ve strengthened my critical thinking skills and I’m ready to hit 2017 head-on.

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