Looking to make a few extra bucks or easy gift cards? Try Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a fun site that allows you to earn virtual currency called SB (Swagbucks). SBs can be redeemed for gift cards or even cash through PayPal!! Use my referral link and start earning today!

Earn SBs by watching ads, taking surveys, opening trial offers to new and great products, and completing daily goals. I earn about $25 a month for about 2 hours a day of just clicking and watching ads. Super simple and can be done on a desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Want some tips, hints, or tricks to help earn even more SBs? Contact me today!

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  1. Isabel

    Why is $25 for about 44 hours work ok? Calculating that as 2 hours per day 22 days a month

    1. Little Brother Life Coach (Post author)

      It may be a convenient option for some, I find value in it because there are a couple ways to earn.

      There are often 3 cent codes daily, you can let videos run in the background, I’ve lately earned $8 in two days just in videos.

      There are bonuses for daily checklists and goals. and also bonus team challenges and games.

      When you shop through Swagbucks links for stores like Amazon and Walmart, you can earn cash back. I received $25 dollars for signing up for Hulu when I was going to sign up anyway. They also offer rewards for purchasing gift cards as well. The best way to earn is pile up. Like couponing, there are ways to optimize, but requires some effort and searching.

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